Welcome to Fiume Bush Camp.

We invite you to go back to your roots and experience life in the Namibian bush. Here, we want you to experience the tranquility of nature and not be bothered by the stress of modern civilisation. Fiume Bush Camp is situated 75 km north east of Grootfontein on the D2844. Spread over a small Kalahari dune, the Bush Camp overlooks a pan in the middle of the bush. 

Modern amenities like Internet, Wi-Fi, TV, Air-conditioning and a large swimming pool are not available at Fiume Bush Camp; we want our guests to experience the bush and nature in all its glory. We do, however, have basic electricity for lights in the tents and to charge cameras and cellphones. At Fiume Bush Camp, we want you to experience how life must have been for the San/Bushmen in the past. 

Fiume Bush Camp does have a small plunge pool for guests to relax in. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are served under the canopy of Tamboti trees or under the Lapa. At night, we have a circle around a big crackling camp fire where we invite you to share stories and experiences from your travels in Namibia.


The Ju/Hansi Bushmen are the oldest surviving culture in the world and they are known as hunters and gatherers. The knowledge of how to survive in harsh conditions in nature surpasses all our imagination. The understanding of the balance in nature and the environment comes from thousands of years of experience. The family bonds and closeness between the old, the adults and the children are extraordinary.

The Bushmen culture is on the brink of extinction due to many different reasons (civilisation, laws and regulation, loss of land and alcohol abuse to name a few). The knowledge of nature, medicine, hunting with a bow and poison and how to gather food will be lost if we don't take care to preserve this heritage. Knowledge that was passed on through thousands of generations is almost lost to us.

Our aim at Fiume Bush Camp is to preserve the Bushmen culture through tourism. It is a fact that ancient cultures are struggling to fit into modern civilisation and that with most cultures it is a losing struggle. Fiume Bush Camp gives four San families the opportunity to show guests who they used to be and that they are a proud, dignified people, proud of their own culture and heritage. We are an open living museum where guests get to experience the traditional Bushmen life.

Fiume Bush Camp only offers a two night all-inclusive package so that you can spend a whole day with the Ju/Hansi Bushmen. In a full day you can get a small glimpse of who they are as people and family, which you would not experience in a couple of hours.