Fiume Bush Kindergarten

Just like many ancient cultures, the Xoi/San people are still very new to “our” world and are not adapting very well to what we call the "civilised world". The pressure of adapting to new rules and regulations, not being able to live as Nomads, earning money to be able to make a living and a lot of other factors drive the San (Ju/Hansi) to abuse alcohol which also then presents a very serious problem. New regulations state that they are not allowed to live as Nomads but are forced to live in settlements and this makes them vulnerable to new diseases, for example tuberculosis (TB), that they have never experienced before and are not equipped to deal with. 

At Fiume Bush Camp, we believe that there is a future for the Ju/Hansi Bushmen and that they can be integrated into the new world, but it must start right at the foundations of their culture. In western civilisation, we start learning basic information as toddlers that is very important for the future and how we see the world and advance in it. For the San, hygiene, like washing hands before eating food or before blowing your nose, is something that they never grew up with. In the past water was a very rare commodity for the San and was never wasted.

The Fiume Bush Camp Kindergarten's aim is to teach the young San children basic information concerning hygiene, the alphabet, basic mathematics and basic English to name a few. Singing and dancing, sport and games are also part of the curriculum. We make use of European volunteers that stay at Fiume Bush Camp for a minimum of 1 month or up to 3 months trying to contribute to a better future for the young Ju/Hansi generation so that they too might have a chance to become doctors, engineers or teachers one day.

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